It is a 6-floor luxury building. It has 5 above the ground levels with an area of 1 567 sq.metres and 2 underground parking lots with an area of 504 sq.m. Automated parking system is envisaged for the underground parking. The building is in downtown Sofia where the level of infrastructure is good. The perfect location and the lack of similar luxury projects in the vicinity are the reason for the huge investor interest to it.
The building has been sold out.
The plot occupies an area of 259 square metres; the total built-up area is 2 067 sq. m. The underground levels of the building had been constructed by June 2008. By September 2008, the steel and concrete construction of the building had been finished. The final completion of the project is scheduled for April 2009. The investment in the building, including the costs for purchasing the plot, amount to BGN 2.5 million.